Happy Birthday Mamma

Todays is my mothers birthday and she is turning 49 :o) Still young and beautiful and more caring than ever . I have my mothers full support 24/7 and i always know she is standing by my side tough as a soldier. We have been through alot and together we always get tronger .

Today  my wish was to be with you but things don't always go as i want them to . But we will definatly together as a family  celebrate this day together . For me you are the best mother anyone could wish for and i really want you to know that both me and Aless love you very much and will always no matter what  be here for you .

You have raised us on your own  and have showed us what true responsibility is all about . I love you for everything you have done and we wish you a happy birthday .

Love you

Found a funny cake it should say 49 not 50.


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