The Fighter

So far so good said I, yet another round i have done.

And I'm battling on.
I'm supposed to be tough courageous and strong
That's why I've won every round
Since the big fight began

With the help of my Coach
Husband, brother and friends
I'm winning this fight

Now my face is red and my features have changed
My legs feel like jelly but i'm ok .
 And I know I'm winning cause I'm still on my feet

This is a journey i want to beat.

Postat av: P

du är så go, så snäll, och så GRYM!!

2008-05-19 @ 09:23:18
Postat av: Vanessa

Tack Paula gumman

Häng på nu så kommer vi båda har en bra beach form . kom igen bruttan :o)

love you tjejen

2008-05-19 @ 22:23:39

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